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Nasty Tek Sound System

NASTY TEK was formed in 1993 after the newly migrated East London sound system operator and MC, Mikey Glamour linked up with long-time Sydney sound system promoters, Prince Andrew and bc (Brent Clough).

Andrew and Brent's involvement in Sydney's reggae scene goes back to the mid-80s when Brent established Splashdown, the longest-running reggae show in Australia, on college radio, 2 SER-FM. Brent and Andrew were also instrumental in running the highly successful Massive Reggae parties from 1988-1992. Massive supported tours by Macka B and the Mad Professor and Steel Pulse.

Originally Nasty Tek incorporated a London style of mixing reggae, hip-hop, R&B and later, jungle. But gradually Nasty Tek concentrated on its core music of dancehall reggae.

Alongside selectors, Prince Andrew and bc is Mama Dread, Australia's leading female dancehall selector and host of Yardie, a weekly dancehall show on Radio Skidrow. MC K-Man rounds out the crew. A '97 addition, K-Man brings his verbal skills and deep enthusiasm for reggae to the sound system and is a welcome addition to the Tek's range of entertainers.

In the 5 years since they began the Nasty Tek Sound System has supported/worked with Macka B and the Mad Professor, The Bhundu Boys, Jah Wobble, Malathini and the Mahotella Queens, Spearhead, Lukie D, Jack Radics, Horace Andy, General Saint, Don Campbell, Sylvia Tella, Horseman, Peter Hunningale and Tippa Irie.

Last year Prince Andrew spent an extended period with Europe's finest sound system, The Pow Pow Movement. Building on a foundation of local and international experience Nasty Tek has established a reputation as the cutting-edge of reggae culture in Australia.

For more information on Nasty Tek

phone Brent (612) 9360 9402 fax: (612) 9333 1306


mail: PO Box K527, Haymarket 2000, Australia

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